How to Workout During Commercials

by P+K _

This commercial break workout has four circuits that each last 90 seconds. Complete each circuit according to directions


Step 1

Circuit One: complete each move for thirty seconds. If you want to double up, complete two of these circuits back to back.

Step 2

Jumping Jacks: These are a great way to get your heart pumping. Complete 30 seconds of jumping jacks, then move directly to the next workout.

Step 3

Elevated Push-Ups: These are great for the arms, shoulders, and back. Get into push-up position and place your feet on a chair. Complete as many push-ups as you can in 30 seconds.

Step 4

Chair-Ups: Start by sitting at the edge of your chair and place your hands on the edge with fingers folded over and legs out. Lower yourself so your elbows are at 90 degrees, then rise back up

Step 5

Circuit Two: complete each exercise for thirty seconds and feel the burn!!!.

Step 6

Swimmies: Lay on your stomach with legs straight out and arms in front of you. Lift your legs and torso off the ground and alternate lifting your right arm with left leg and visa versa.

Step 7

V-Outs: Lay on your back with legs at 90 degrees or 45 degrees (advanced). Place your hand under your tailbone and begin opening legs to form a "V". Bring back to starting. Continue for 30 seconds.

Step 8

Mountain Climbers: These will work your abs, and thighs! Get into lowered plank position and begin by bringing the right, then left leg in towards your chest. Alternate legs as fast as you can

Step 9

Circuit Three: complete each exercise for thirty seconds unless otherwise stated (Banana/Boat)

Step 10

Banana/Boat Part I: Lay on your back and lift legs and arms off the ground. Hold for ten seconds then roll onto stomach without using your arms.

Step 11

Banana Boat Part II: Lift legs, arms, and chest off the ground. Hold for ten seconds then roll back over, alternating the direction you roll. Do this three times (60 seconds total)

Step 12

Plank Position: To get more of a workout, try lowered plank position for 15 to 30 seconds. Hold plank position for 30 seconds, total. Hands are below shoulders and back is level.

Step 13

Circuit Four: complete each exercise, one minute for lunges and thirty seconds for chair circles.

Step 14

Lunges: Bring right leg out in front of you and bend both the right and left knees so your front leg has a 90 degree angle. Hold, then return to starting position. Alternate side for one minute.

Step 15

Chair Circles: get into chair position with hands in prayer. Begin rotating the pelvis clockwise while keeping your body as straight as possible. Alternate to counterclockwise after 15 seconds.

Step 16

To make this into a non-commercial workout, complete all circuits with a 30 second break between two and three. Complete the exercise twice with a thirty second break between.

Step 17

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