How to Win a Bet and Amaze Someone With a Paperclip

by Natasha (:

Lengthy title. Yes. But the process takes seconds to learn and perform. Here's a challenge almost everyone will fail at.... except you! After these tips, be prepared to leave everyone amazed!


  • 1 Paper Clip (Advanced)
  • 2 Paper Clips (Beginner)
  • 1 Glass of water
  • 1 Person to bet against!
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start with a glass of water.

    Step 2

    Challenge a friend to make the paperclip float. The clip will sink, unless they know about this trick, but most people don't. You should try yourself before seeing the secret!

    Step 3

    If you just heard about this trick, try the beginner method by bending a paper clip into an L shape...

    Step 4

    balancing another one on the L...

    Step 5

    , and dipping it in the water.

    Step 6

    It will float!

    Step 7

    A quick video on the beginner process.

    Step 8

    After you get some practice with that, it's time to try the advanced method! This way leaves people speechless. Dip the clip in the water gently.

    Step 9

    Let it go and it it will float! This definitely takes some practice, but this way people don't find out your secret. It's easier to do it when it's dry, but it still works either way.

    Step 10

    Here's a video on the advanced method. You can see that once the lines on the table appear to start bending in the water, is when I let go.

    Step 11

    Both methods work with all sizes of paper clips! Thanks for viewing, I hope you have fun trying this out!