How to Watch Newbies - Buying the Correct Size Watch

by Simon Hopes

As mentioned above, the width of the band of your watch is important when you are buying one for yourself.


Step 1

If you scan the market today, you will find that watches come in an assortment of sizes, and so do wrists! Before you go into the market to buy a watch, it is for you to check the fit of your watch.

Step 2

It should be comfortable for you to wear and should look good on you as well. If you are a newbie and do not know how to buy the correct watch size for your wrist, the following guide will help you.

Step 3

Simple and Practical tips on how to purchase the right size of watch for your wrist Check the size of your wrist - When you are buying a watch, it is important for you to test the size of your wrist.

Step 4

If you have a large wrist, you should opt for a watch that has a big dial. If the size of your wrist is small, ensure the dial of your watch is small. Like the dial of the watch,

Step 5

the bands of the watch you choose should look good on your wrist. Buy small bands for a small wrist and a big band for a large wrist.

Step 6

2. Case thickness - When you are purchasing a watch at , check the case of the watch. This is the diameter of the watch,

Step 7

and its thickness should sync with your wrist size. As a standard rule, if the dial of the watch increases or decreases, the thickness increases or reduces too. When you are buying a watch,

Step 8

ensure that the thickness of the watch corresponds to the size of your wrist so that it does not become an eyesore.

Step 9

3. The band width of the watch - As mentioned above, the width of the band of your watch is important when you are buying one for yourself.

Step 10

If you carefully examine a watch from a good brand, you will find that a watch that is well proportioned has a band width that is half of the diameter of the case.

Step 11

This means if the diameter of the watch is 40mm, the width of the watch band should be approximately 20mm. However, if you have the personal preference for a particular style.

Step 12

4. The material of the band - A leather band gives your watch a slimmer look. A metal band will look thick and larger because of the material.

Step 13

Therefore, if you have a smaller wrist, you should keep this in mind. Choose a band that stands out on your wrist and makes you look beautiful. 5. Components of the watch - Last but not the least,

Step 14

keep the size of the elements of the watch in mind. This means the hours, the seconds and the numbers. If the lug size, charger and pusher of the watch are large,

Step 15

they will give you the impression of a bigger male watch at In short, there should be a balance.

Step 16

Therefore, if you are looking for the correct watch size for your wrists, keep the above tips in mind on