How to Wake to Music W/ iOS 6

by Noah Wiles


  • Any iDevice Running iOS 6
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Locate and open your Clock application.

    Step 2

    Tap the + button to add a new alarm. NOTE: You could edit an existing alarm as well by tapping the Edit button and then tapping the existing alarm in question.

    Step 3

    From the Add Alarm screen tap the Sound option.

    Step 4

    From the Sound screen tap the 'Pick a song' option.

    Step 5

    From the Music Selection screen you have several options for navigating through your music library. Once decided, tap on your song choice.

    Step 6

    Back at the Sound screen you will now see your selected song highlighted. From here you can tap the Back button.

    Step 7

    Back at the Edit Alarm screen you can now adjust the Repeat, Snooze and Label options as desired.

    Step 8

    You are now waking to your favorite song! Woo hoo!

    Step 9

    All photos were taken by me on my iPhone 4.