How to Use Your iPhone as a Hearing Aid

by Ron Jaxon


Step 1

If you ever need a little extra volume. Here's how to use your iPhone as a hearing aid or sound amplifier.

Step 2

The app I use is called Vonbruno Hearing Aid ($.99). Vonbruno make a number of microphone apps and they all do the same thing. Ranging from .99 to $4.99. Trust me, the .99 one works just as well.

Step 3

What their microphone and hearing aid apps do is feed the sound that goes into the iPhone microphone to what ever is plugged into the headphones jack. So this can also be used as a microphone.

Step 4

Plug in your headphone or speakers and open the app.

Step 5

Tap the circle to turn it on. The environmental sound will be amplified kinda like a hearing aid.

Step 6

Scroll the wheel on the left to turn the volume up and down. You can also use the volume controls on your iphone. You should have to volume of your iPhone turned all the way up when using this app.

Step 7

The app will continue to work in background while it's still on (while circle is blue). So you can still browse around your phone as its amplifying sound around you. Turn off the app to close it.

Step 8

As you can see. It's very simple and straight forward. Does exactly what it's suppose to do and nothing more.

Step 9

When could this be useful? Well if you're hearing impaired you should get real hearing aids but this could still be helpful. But imagine a situations where you might need a little extra volume.

Step 10

For example you want to hear the tv a little louder but no one else in the room does. Or speakers on a lap top that aren't as loud as you need. I place my phone on my laptop to hear movies better.

Step 11

The last exp is probably more useful to me then most of you because I'm not suppose to plug my cochlear implant cord into anything unless it's battery powered. So I can't plug into a PC. But anyway…

Step 12

Or maybe you're in a movie theater and would like it to be a little louder. I realize not everyone will find this useful. But hearing loss is very common. So I hope someone finds this helpful.

Step 13

By the way. There are some free apps that can do this too as well as some that are much more expensive. But so far this is the best I've found for the price.