How to Use Tea Leaves Completely (No Waste Guaranteed)

by ian đź‘€ zaq

That's right. 100% of it is all used up. Nothing left to waste. Swipe on.


  • Used tea leaves (ample supply)
  • 3 Feet Aluminium foil
  • 1 Barbecue grill
  • Your fav food for BBQ
  • For Basting:
  • â…“ Cups Good vegetable oil
  • 1 Teaspoon Big red chilli (minced)
  • 2 Teaspoons Red capsicum (minced)
  • 2 Teaspoons Garlic (minced)
  • 1 Lemongrass
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Most of recipes or methods of using tea leaves, will end up with having the used tea leaves being thrown away.

    Step 2

    When it gets stale - throw.

    Step 3

    Taste gets weak - throw. Color changes - throw. But now, you can ensure it's not wasted anymore.

    Step 4

    First, ensure any kind of tea leaves that you have used, be stored away in the freezer so that it doesn't get attacked by fungus. (You don't want to contract any illnesses then, do you?)

    Step 5

    When you have enough of tea leaves stored…

    Step 6

    …it'll be time for you to start planning a barbecue. Yes, that's right. Smokin' barbecue! Now let's get your tea smoker ready.

    Step 7

    Before that you'll have to prepare your favorite barbecue food like so. Try to go easy on those marinades if you really want to taste the tea smoked flavor. Salt is all you need for most but not all.

    Step 8

    Now back to the tea smoker - Fold aluminum foil into two…

    Step 9

    …then fold over it again. You want to make a double layered envelope out of it.

    Step 10

    Seal edges of two open opposing sides by folding in about 1/4 inch, 3 times over each other, leaving one adjacent side open. You are actually making an aluminum envelope.

    Step 11

    Your tea leaves from freezer, thawed earlier to room temperature, should now be nice and wet. This enables tea leaves to last longer in the grill compared to them being dry.

    Step 12

    Or if you're thawing it just now, then while waiting, go get your barbecue fire going. This would take about 30 to 40 mins for a good smoldering heat. Gives you time to mingle.

    Step 13

    By now you should be ready to place about three cups or so of used tea leaves into the aluminum envelope that you've prepared earlier.

    Step 14

    Fold up the last opening to seal your tea smoker.

    Step 15

    Use a fork to punch holes on the aluminum envelope. Go ahead and knock yourself out punching as much as you can. This ensures tea flavors would really spread over foods (and therapeutic too).

    Step 16

    Arrange your hot charcoal to have 2 sections of cooking. One direct grilling, the other indirect grilling (hot charcoal is at the direct grilling side).

    Step 17

    You need to place your tea envelope on the indirect grill - so that it doesn't get charred too fast.

    Step 18

    Then start placing foods on the same side too. Place foods that cook fast (like prawns) on indirect heat…

    Step 19

    … and foods that cook longer (like lamb chops) on direct heat. Cooking food with indirect heat allows time for tea smoked flavors to spread to foods whilst keeping them juicy.

    Step 20

    Next, cover the BBQ pit. It keeps all the smoke in to make your food all nice and smoked. Cooking time varies depending on the food you're cooking so check your food fairly often.

    Step 21

    Results: a juicy mild smokey tea flavor.

    Step 22

    BTW, to keep BBQ foods moist, always baste. Now this is another use of used tea leaves during barbecuing - tea infused basting. It's so easy to do and the ingredients? Refer supplies list again pls.

    Step 23

    Using used tea leaves with these ingredients gives a unique flavor in basting. Also, make a brush out of fresh lemongrass for added flavor. Slice broad end lengthwise to form a brush as shown.

    Step 24

    Finally, don't waste used tea leaves. Be it from medicinal use; in BBQ, smoked for food; aromatics in shoes or around homes, etc., ensure you toss it into a garden compost bin… NOT a garbage bin.

    Step 25

    Hence the complete use of tea leaves - no waste guaranteed 100%. Originally, tea is green. Why not keep your habit and environment green too. That's one way of being kind. Kind to our mother earth.