How to Use IOD's Decor Transfers on Furniture

by Prima Marketing

Transforming a plain white piece of storage furniture with one supply, the IOD / Prima Decor Transfers.


  • IOD Decor Transfer "Seed"
  • Bone Folder
  • Oil Pastels
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I have this Plain White unit in my craft room that just didn't match my industrial chic feel. Time to spruce it up! I cleaned it thoroughly and prepared to use the IOD Decor Transfers

    Step 2

    This particular one had some lines around it, since it is smaller than the door I am placing it on, I am trimming off those lines.

    Step 3

    Holding it up with my hand to see where it lines up centered, and if I am happy with it!

    Step 4

    Gently pull off the film from the protective backing paper.

    Step 5

    I lined it up, just eyeballing it. This is a smaller transfer ( rub on) , so no need to measure anything for me. I just held it up and then pushed it onto my surface.

    Step 6

    After rubbing the entire surface with your hand, I went in with my bonefolder to make sure everything was rubbed on very well. You could use a brayer, or just your hands. All work fine.

    Step 7

    I just kept going across from top to bottom until I had passed over all of my imagery...

    Step 8

    Starting at one corner, I gently pull off the film. If you see any text or images that did not transfer simply push the film back on, and rub in that area again.

    Step 9

    AFter the film is removed, I used my hands (make sure they are clean!) to smooth out any raised areas and make sure it was adhered properly!

    Step 10

    And here it is , from plain to super gorgeous! If you like the clean look , you are done here! I wanted to add a bit of color! You could even sand this down fro a more distressed look!

    Step 11

    Unlike vinyl wall decor transfers, these take sanding beautifullly! Making them a step above all others in my opinion!

    Step 12

    I added some ochre oil pastel to my edges here and there, just to add a touch of color. And thats it! finished piece in its home with the other storage pieces. So happy with it, and it was so EASY!