How to Use Google Maps Offline on iOS Devices

by Bob Cox

This tutorial is for iOS devices but will work on Android devices


Step 1

In this tutorial, I will show you how to save an area on Google Maps for offline use on your iOS devices.

Step 2

Click on Google Maps (downloaded from AppStore)

Step 3

Find location you wish to use offline.

Step 4

The larger the area the bigger your memory will be taken up. I'd recommend a small area, such as a small city.

Step 5

Type in "ok maps" in search box and then click on "search"

Step 6

This begins saving your location

Step 7

Now you can use this area offline.

Step 8

Downside to offline maps, is that you cannot search roads, area of interests etc.

Step 9

To clear cache, go to settings > "About, Terms & Privacy" > "Terms & Privacy" > "Clear Application data"

Step 10

Click on bar located bottom left of the screen to open up "Settings"

Step 11

Confirm that you would like to clear cache.

Step 12

Please like my tutorial. Any suggestions, welcome