How to Use Flavorant to Fix the Taste of Liquid Meds

by Tiffany Tarnowski

Use Mio or any beverage flavorant to make your child's liquid vitamins/ medication taste better.


  • Liquid vitamin or prescription medication
  • Small medication cup
  • Mio/ generic brand beverage flavor
  • Mixing impliment
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    My daughter takes liquid magnesium that I ordered from a compounding pharmacy: it had a slight tropical flavor, but my daughter is picky and wasn't fond of it- so I needed a solution.

    Step 2

    It occurred to me that I could use Mio, or a generic substitute. I checked with a friend who works at the pharmacy and she said it would work great.

    Step 3

    The druggist does a similar process at the pharmacy but they have a guide that says how many drops of which flavor to use to correct for bitterness etc the pharmacy might even fix it for you, just ask

    Step 4

    My supplies. The vitamins: liquid magnesium Dispensing/measuring cup Flavorant Chopstick

    Step 5

    Pour the prescribed amount of medication.

    Step 6

    Add desired amount of flavorant.

    Step 7

    Stir thoroughly.

    Step 8

    Step 9

    You can always add more if your kid still doesn't like the taste. Add it to the dose though, and not the whole bottle- in case your kid doesn't like it.

    Step 10

    Another trick:(found via Pinterest) To keep track of dosage on medication needed twice a day, write a chart on the bottle. Whoever thought of this is a genius! I always forget to give antibiotics!