How to Use Find My iPhone

by Manuel Herrera


  • 1 iDevice
  • 1 A desktop computer
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Did you lose your iPad or iPhone? Uh oh. Now what? Hopefully, you downloaded the Find My iPhone App into that device!

    Step 2

    From another iDevice open your Find My iPhone App OR from a desktop computer go to

    Step 3

    Log into your app using the Apple ID that your lost iDevice is registered under.

    Step 4

    Once your iDevices have been located, tap on the device you are looking for.

    Step 5

    A map will display showing the location of your lost iDevice. Tap the blue arrow to view options for your lost iDevice.

    Step 6

    Now, you can remotely lock or wipe the data from your lost iDevice. A message can also be sent to the device indicating that it is lost or that secret iDevice ninjas will arrie shortly to retrieve it!

    Step 7

    Good Luck!