How to Use and Read Solfege in Singing

by Bizzly (Bizzy And Karly👍)

A snapguide on how to sing solfege, which is a way to learn notes in singing!


  • Yourself!
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    How to read solfege by Bizzy and Karly🎵

    Step 2

    First do we need to know the basic musical notes...Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.

    Step 3

    We need to know in Solfege, everything revolves around the note, Do.

    Step 4

    One way we can use solfege is reading notes. An example would be, if Do is E then Re would be F because Re comes after Do and E comes after F on the musical scale...make sense?

    Step 5

    We also have hand motions that go along with Solfege symboles...

    Step 6

    Here's an example of how we can use Solfege notes in a warmup for our voices.

    Step 7

    In singing we also use Solfege to learn the sound of the notes we're singing. If you're in choir, your teacher might have you mark your music notes using Solfege.

    Step 8

    If your in choir make sure to see if your teacher has a Solfege poster. Here's Mrs. Gillien's Solfege poster!

    Step 9

    Solfege is important because it teaches sight singing in which each note is sung to a special syllable. Solfege is also important to help singers reach, learn, jump and remember notes.

    Step 10

    Congrats you now know how to read (and use) Solfege!