How to UPCYCLE Old Fish-Tank Into an Outdoor TERRARIUM

by Leighla 💜🎃🌱🌵🐑🌻💜

Im growing herbs & leafy veggies in mine :)


Step 1

Add wool fleece scraps as a thick layer on the bottom My fish tank has a crack in the bottom glass so not worth repairing as a fish tank

Step 2


Step 3

Use the potting mix bag as a soil-mulch separator

Step 4

Cut an X in the plastic where you will place your plants... I like to put the tags on the inside edge to always remember what they are and their feeding habits

Step 5

Add mulch and decorate if you like I am using old carpet scraps as my mulch but have to go find some more and make X's in them also, but you get the idea

Step 6

Thats all there is to it, besides water in plants and monitor as your garden goes spastic! LoL

Step 7

UPDATE: i took out the plastic "mulch" and grew the spring onions (on the left) from the bottoms of store brought ones. The seedlings you see are Black Kale. Fly screen on top for frost protection