How to Turn Regular Writing Into Fancy Writing

by Csir Em

This guide is to show you how to go about giving your writing a more fancy look. This can be done with any type of handwriting. Remember you can always add your own unique designs.


Step 1

Depending on the type of writing you will be doing it's always good to leave a little space in between to add your designs

Step 2

Basically what you do is double up your letters. Here I'm creating a shadow effect on each letter. This is why you need the space in between

Step 3


Step 4

Add twirls, curls, swirls, curves. Whatever you add will just give your lettering a fancier look.

Step 5

Adding more curls and extra designs. Get creative...

Step 6

More designs.....

Step 7

Add shading to the letters. Use color pencils, markers, pens, whatever makes your writing POP!

Step 8

Here I've darkened the shadows I added. By adding extra things, shades, designs will give it a different look to your creations

Step 9

Final product. Hope you enjoyed this guide and are able to follow to come up with your own ideas