How to Turn on Assistive Touch on iPod/iPhone/iPad

by It goes om and om a nom !

Assistive Touch is a function that helps people with either a) a disability or b) can't easily use the home button, or their iPod etc. Hope this helps people :D


  • 1 iPod or iPhone or iPad
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    If you click the picture, you will see a small white circle ( no, its not an orb/ghost!)

    Step 2

    But how did that get there????

    Step 3

    Go into your settings menu ( on iPad, the screen is different!)

    Step 4

    Chose 'General' and then 'Accessibility'

    Step 5

    Scroll down to the option Triple-click Home.

    Step 6

    Then choose the one with the tick ( Toggle AssistiveTouch)

    Step 7

    This means you will end up with a small circle in the corner of the screen - or wherever you want, simply hold it and move it, to move it!

    Step 8

    Now, in your accessibility menu, the will be an Assistive Touch side heading.

    Step 9

    On this, you can add a gesture! It explains when you do it how it helps and what it does!!

    Step 10

    That is how you get thw small white circle, aka Assistive Touch! ( Click on the picture!!)

    Step 11

    Hope this helps peeps! Cya soon in ma next guide: how to turn an old t-shirt into a cushion!! Bye xoxo