How to Turn an Old Brass Bell From Drab to Fab

by T F

An easy way to spruce up an old decorative brass bell.


  • Brass bell' or decorative brass piece
  • Spray paint in desired colors
  • Acrylic paint for detail work
  • Paint brush for detail work
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This brass piece was quite dirty with age. First step, use brass cleaner to shine it up. (I neglected to take a photo of this step)

    Step 2

    Much better!

    Step 3

    Take apart any extra pieces attached.

    Step 4

    I used spray paint to paint the unicorn white. Spray 2-3 coats, letting dry throughly between coats.

    Step 5

    I spy the shadow of a unicorn!

    Step 6

    I used silver acrylic paint to paint the hoofs and horn, and then I added a top coat of spray glitter.

    Step 7

    The bell, I spray painted with 2-3 coats purple, letting dry completely between coats. Ready to gift to a special little girl!