How to Turn a Wood Plaque Into a Memo Board: Clearsnap

by tami sanders * paper crafter

project for Handmade Holidays Blog Hop on the Clearsnap Blog... design team member tami sanders shows you how to turn a wood plaque into a memo board...


  • Clearsnap: ColorBox: Mix'd Media Inx: Wisteria
  • Clearsnap: ColorBox: Mix'd Media Inx: Pewter
  • Clearsnap: Aladine: Izink: Safran
  • Clearsnap: Aladine: Izink: Silver
  • Clearsnap: Aladine: Izink: Gold
  • Clearsnap: Aladine: Izink: Mimosa
  • Clearsnap: Aladine: Izink: Cactus
  • Clearsnap: Aladine: Izink: Citronella
  • Clearsnap: Aladine: Izink: Orange
  • Clearsnap: ColorBox Stylus & Tip
  • Clearsnap: ColorBox Color Blender
  • Clearsnap: Basic Necessities: Jumbo Spritz Bottle
  • Walnut Hollow: Vintage Plaque
  • Elizabeth Crafts: Embossing Folder: Trendy Tiles 2
  • Elizabeth Craft: Die: Bunch of Flowers 2
  • 3L: Scrapbook Adhesives: 3D Foam Squares
  • 3L: Scrapbook Adhesives: Crafty Power Tape
  • 3L: E-Z Dots Mini Permanent
  • Pearls
  • Ribbon
  • Sanding Block
  • File
  • Wire
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Picture Hanger
  • Paper Towels
  • Wire Cutters
  • Clothes Pins
  • White Cardstock: Matte & Glossy Textured
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    after lightly sanding plaque, ink edge of board using Pewter Mix'd Media Inx applied using ColorBox Stylus & Tip...

    Step 2

    ink top of plaque using Wisteria Inx applied using Stylus & Tip...

    Step 3

    wipe board down with paper towel to blend and remove excess ink...

    Step 4

    lightly sand top of plaque to distress...

    Step 5

    lightly sand edges of plaque to distress...

    Step 6

    cut a 3 X 10 piece of matte white cardstock, put one end into Trendy Tiles 2 Embossing Folder and emboss. turn cardstock around, line up embossed pattern with pattern on folder and emboss again...

    Step 7

    lightly ink embossed cardstock using Pewter Inx applied using Stylus & Tips...

    Step 8

    use Crafty Power Tape to adhere paper to plaque...

    Step 9

    use file to remove excess paper from plaque...

    Step 10

    apply strips of Crafty Power Tape to each end of the cardstock strip, overlapping paper slightly...

    Step 11

    remove backing from tape and adhere ribbon...

    Step 12

    measure and mark placement for nails, then hammer in nails - making sure to work on a "scrap" surface. tap slowly to avoid hammering nails all the way through board...

    Step 13

    wrap wire around one nail, wrap above and below wire to anchor it. NOTE: i found one wire wasn't strong enough, so i used 2 wires twisted together...

    Step 14

    stretch wire to opposite nail, pull tight, then twist around nail, trim off. repeat for other set of nails...

    Step 15

    finished wire...

    Step 16

    ink clothespins using Cactus Izink applied using Stylus & Tips...

    Step 17

    clip clothespins to wires...

    Step 18

    cut a 4 X 12 piece of textured glossy white cardstock and spritz lightly with water...

    Step 19

    add drops of Izink Ink, mixing colors as desired...

    Step 20

    use Color Blender to lightly blend inks...

    Step 21

    spritz lightly again with water and then let dry. repeat with 2 other pieces of cardstock to make a total of 3 different color mixes...

    Step 22

    use Bunch of Flowers 2 Die to diecut flowers from inked papers. the dies can be taken apart and used individually, but i chose to leave them together...

    Step 23

    use Dodz Small to adhere some of the flowers together in group of 2...

    Step 24

    bend up the petals of the top flowers in those you grouped together...

    Step 25

    begin adhering flowers to board using E-Z Dots Mini, with a few adhered using 3D Foam Squares to add dimension...

    Step 26

    add pearls in centers of flowers to finish them...

    Step 27

    your memo board is now ready to use! add a hanger on the back to hang it on your wall if desired. * CLEARSNAP BLOG: * tami sanders blog: