How to Transform Your Mouse Pad

by Prima Marketing

Take your ordinary mouse pad and turn it into a gorgeous piece to place on your desk :)


  • IOD Paintables
  • 3d Matte Gel
  • Prima Distress Tool
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I decided to cover my boring black mouse pad using the GORGEOUS Paintables from Prima and IOD! This is SO SIMPLE to do ! Just a few quick steps! Gather your supplies :)

    Step 2

    I covered my entire mouse pad with 3D Matte gel ( somehow I missed that photo, apologies). Just make sure you have a good thick layer so the paper will adhere well! Flip it over and brayer!

    Step 3

    After the gel medium had dried completely, trim off any excess paper. I do this from the backside. I didn't cut exactly up to the foam, because i wanted to distress my edges.

    Step 4

    Grab that handy Prima distress tool . A staple in everyones craft supplies! Go over the edges all the way around.

    Step 5

    Last step, add a liberal layer of the 3d Matte Gel to the top of your pad!

    Step 6

    After the first one has dried, add a second layer to be sure your mouse will glide smoothly across the pad. It will look milky until the medium had dried thoroughly . It dries clear though!

    Step 7

    And there ya have it! Quick and easy, and looks so much better sitting on my desk!

    Step 8