How to Transform a Distress Ink Pad Into a Compact Mirror

by Maria Cole

Have a Distress Ink color you no longer use? Don't toss it or give it away. Instead, use some pretty paper and embellishments to turn your old ink pad into a beautiful compact mirror. Enjoy!


  • 1 Graphic 45 Couture 8x8 Pad
  • 1 Graphic 45 Couture Stickers
  • 1 Graphic 45 Couture Alphabet Stickers
  • 1 Graphic 45 Couture Chipboard 1
  • 1 Graphic 45 Washi Tape Set
  • 1 Graphic 45 Ornate Metal Keys
  • 1 Graphic 45 Stamped Metal Brads
  • Petaloo Foliage
  • ZVA Crystals - Champagne
  • Michael's Paper Flowers
  • Tim Holtz Distress Paint - Tarnished Brass
  • Stickles - Platinum
  • 1 old Distress Ink pad
  • 1 2" mirror
  • Scissors
  • Paper trimmer
  • Corner rounder
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    For this guide, we'll use a Tim Holtz Distress Ink pad. (You're free to use another brand. However, you'll need to make your own measurements and adjustments as they may differ from Tim's ink pads.)

    Step 2

    Remove the lid from the base of your ink pad.

    Step 3

    Use scissors or a craft knife to pry the ink pad from its base. It may take several minutes.

    Step 4

    Don't worry if you have leftover fibers.

    Step 5

    Clean the base of your ink pad with warm water and soap. Again, don't worry too much about the fibers.

    Step 6

    While you're at it, make sure to wipe off any ink that got onto your scissors or craft knife.

    Step 7

    Take a paint brush and some Tim Holtz Distress Paint in Tarnished Brass and cover the ink pad edges as shown.

    Step 8

    For the lid, make sure to apply the paint around the inside edges.

    Step 9

    After your paint has dried, attach 1/2" thick black and gold washi tape to the bottom edges of your ink pad base. For extra hold, place some adhesive behind the washi before attaching.

    Step 10

    Take washi and wrap around the lid of your ink pad as shown. Again, apply some adhesive behind washi before attaching for extra hold.

    Step 11

    Locate your 8x8 paper pad. Find the Stunning paper with peacock feathers. Cut (2) 2 1/4" squares and round the edges. Adhere one square to the top of your lid.

    Step 12

    Flip your lid over, then adhere your second 2 1/4" square paper.

    Step 13

    Locate the chipboard piece shown in the photo. Add some Stickles in Platinum around the border, then adhere a large crystal. Adhere to the inside of your lid.

    Step 14

    From the alphabet sticker sheet, adhere the letters "h" and "i" along with the word "gorgeous".

    Step 15

    Set the lid aside. Grab the base of your ink pad and flip over. Cut a 2 3/4" square from your Stunning paper. Round the edges then adhere.

    Step 16

    From your sticker sheet, remove the image of the lady in the peacock frame. This is the same lady image from Step 15. Save the peacock frame for Step 22.

    Step 17

    Attach sticker to the bottom of your ink pad base. Then, flip your base over so the painted side is showing.

    Step 18

    Since there is about a 1/8" deep gap where the ink pad used to be, you'll need to place something on it so your mirror doesn't sink. I sacrificed a cute piece of chipboard and adhered it with glue.

    Step 19

    From your Stunning paper, cut a 2 3/8" square, round the edges, then adhere on top of the chipboard.

    Step 20

    Grab a 2" mirror. I found this set of 4 at Joann for just 99 cents!

    Step 21

    Center your mirror onto the top of the base. Adhere.

    Step 22

    Take the peacock frame sticker from Step 17 and attach to the mirror.

    Step 23

    Since the corners of the mirror peek through ever so slightly, apply some Stickles in Platinum around the edges of the sticker and mirror.

    Step 24

    Finally, add some little crystals to your mirror. Set aside the base of your ink pad and locate your lid.

    Step 25

    Locate the chipboard piece in the photo and adhere to the top of your lid. Attach a crystal and apply some Stickles around the chipboard.

    Step 26

    Adhere some paper flowers, like these ones from Michael's.

    Step 27

    Add some extra leaves underneath the flowers. I used some Petaloo Foliage for this. Then adhere the word "couture" from your sticker sheet.

    Step 28

    Locate a small key and a stamped brad. Break the legs off the brad.

    Step 29

    Adhere small key and brad per photo.

    Step 30

    There you have it! A pretty little compact mirror.

    Step 31

    The brass paint will slowly start to distress - adding to the vintage look of the papers I used.

    Step 32

    This is a perfect Mother's Day or birthday gift!

    Step 33

    You can change up the papers, patterns, colors and embellishments to make your compact mirror all your own.

    Step 34

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this Snapguide!