How to Train Puppy to Use Pee Pad

by Aimée Louise Booth

I hope this guide is helpful! Featuring little Rusty dog.


  • Puppy
  • Training mat!
  • Lots of yummy treats
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Here's a recently bathed Rusty dog the Cavalier K. C! This is how we taught him to use the pad, he caught on extremely well when he was a puppy. Let's pretend the towel is your puppy pad...

    Step 2

    Start off near their bed or where they usually spend a lot of time. The puppy mats usually have a scent which resembles dog wee, so it should be natural to "go" where it smells familiar of wee!

    Step 3

    Get treats at the ready!

    Step 4

    When your beautiful puppy has a wee near, or on the mat, reward them with treats and high tone praising!

    Step 5

    If your puppy takes no notice of the mat, convince him or her with treats near it. If they decide to wee far away from the mat, a short and sharp "ah-ah!" Noise usually gives them the idea of wrong.

    Step 6

    When puppy successfully does his or her business on the mat, after lots of love... Move the mat closer to the back door. But not too far away from the first successful wee!

    Step 7

    It may take a few tries until puppy starts to grasp the idea, be patient, it's very confusing at first! Keep moving closer and closer to the door, until it's right next to the open door.

    Step 8

    Finally, when puppy has been an amazing aim... Place the mat on the grass outside. Keep it outside for a few days, and if it continues to be successful... Remove it completely!

    Step 9

    We hoped this helped! Remember that puppies grasp things at different speeds, so be patient and you'll have an accident free home! Thanks so much for reading and good luck. From myself and Rusty.