How to Tone Abs in Ten Minutes

by P+K _

This quick workout is great if you are in a hurry, or done after your usual routine. The entire thing only takes 10 minutes, but your abs are sure to feel it!


  • Yoga mat if desired
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Complete each exercise for 1 minute unless other wise stated! We took these on the beach in Atlantis!! So much fun 😃

    Step 2

    KNEE-TUCKS PART I: I am obsessed with these. Lay on your back with arms outstretched over the head and legs out straight. Lift your legs and arms a few inches off the ground and contract the abs.

    Step 3

    KNEE-TUCKS PART II: Lift your torso and legs off the ground, bringing arms up over head to the knees and forming a "V" with your body. Legs can be bent (intermediate) or straight (advanced).

    Step 4

    SUPERMAN/BANANA PART I: A good ab workout will also work your back. Lay on the the floor and lift the legs and arms off the ground. Hold this position for thirty seconds, then rotate to Banana.

    Step 5

    SUPERMAN/BANANA PART II: Lift arms and legs off the ground, making sure to keep your lower back flat on the floor. Hold, then rotate back to Superman. Do this once more before continuing.

    Step 6

    SHOVELS PART I: Shovels are great for the lower abs and inner thighs. Sit on the floor with legs straight out and the forearms on the floor supporting your back. Begin by lifting the legs straight up

    Step 7

    SHOVELS PART II: Slowly tuck your legs into your chest by contracting your abs.

    Step 8

    SHOVELS PART III: Extend legs outward in a downward motion before lifting back up to starting. This motion should be fluid and look a bit like your are shoveling something off the ground.

    Step 9

    SCISSOR LEGS PART I: Get into the same position as Shovels, resting on the forearms with the legs off the ground. Begin extending the legs out in a "V"

    Step 10

    SCISSOR LEGS PART II: bring legs in, crossing the right leg over the left. Continue this for one minute, making sure to alternate crossing the right leg over the left and the left leg over the right.

    Step 11

    SIDE-PLANK DIPS PART I: Side-Plank Dips are great for the oblique abdominal and intercostal muscles. Get into side plank position with arms directly under the shoulder with feet stacked on the floor.

    Step 12

    SIDE-PLANK DIPS PART II: Once on side-plank position, slowly lower your hip so it is almost touching the ground, hold, then return to starting. Continue this for one minute, then alternate the left.

    Step 13

    V-UPS PART I: This form of V-Ups are great for those new to this exercise and those who are trying to tone those abs. Start laying down on the floor with legs and arms extended straight out.

    Step 14

    V-UPS PART II: Simultaneously lift the arms and the legs towards the center-line of your body, then lowering back down so your hands and feet are a few inches from the floor.

    Step 15

    LEG CIRCLES, BIG: Lay your back with hands under the tailbone and legs 6-inches off the floor. Draw the biggest circle you can in one direction for 30-seconds, then alternate to the other direction

    Step 16

    LEG CIRCLES, SMALL: These are the same as big circles, but you should only be making circles 6-inches in diameter. Be sure to keep feet together the whole time. Alternate directions after 30 seconds.

    Step 17

    EXTENDED LEG SIDE CRUNCH PART I: Lay on your side with your right hip on the ground and your right arm extended straight out above your head. Place the left hand behind your neck.

    Step 18

    EXTENDED LEG SIDE CRUNCH PART II: Contract your abs as you would for a crunch, bringing your legs up and in towards the chest. The right arm should be there for balance. Complete for 1 minute per side

    Step 19

    Congratulations! You just did an intense 10-minute ab routine that your muscles will be feeling tomorrow! For more health and fitness tips, check out