How to Tie Dye

by Beka Ein


  • Fabric dye
  • Squeeze bottles
  • Rubber bands
  • Plastic tarp/bag
  • Soda ash
  • 100% cotton t-shirts
  • Creativity!
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Get your supplies together, I just got some cheap t-shirts from my local thrift shop.

    Step 2

    Throw your shirts into the washer

    Step 3

    Get two cups of hot water & sprinkle in the soda ash

    Step 4

    Pour the soda ash mixture to a large bucket that's filled with two gallons of warm water

    Step 5

    Mix your dye as directed

    Step 6

    Lay your shirt out flat

    Step 7

    For the spiral pattern you are going to twist the shirt around, starting at the center until you get to the end and just put rubber bands around.

    Step 8

    For the scrunch design you simply randomly scrunch the shirt and add some rubber bands.

    Step 9

    Step 10

    For the bullseye pattern just lift the shirt from the center and add rubber bands about an inch to an inch & a half apart, depending on how large you want your sections.

    Step 11

    Soak in soda ash mixture for at.east 20 minutes

    Step 12

    Add your dye as desired

    Step 13

    Place your shirts into plastic bags and let sit for 12-24 hours.

    Step 14

    This is the spiral design

    Step 15

    Bulls eye

    Step 16