How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

by Phoebe Gibson


  • A fishing rod
  • Raw fish
  • An ocelot
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First you'll need a fishing rod. Crafted using two string and three sticks.

    Step 2

    Now you'll have to fish. You need at least five fish but can need up to twenty. To fish you right click in a large body of water, wait for the little bobber to go under then quickly…

    Step 3

    …right click again and a fish should fly toward you. You want the normal raw fish not any ones that came in the 1.7 update. You find minecraft ocelots in jungles like this with large trees and vines.

    Step 4

    This is an ocelot. Be sure not to run or walk quickly as it can scare them and they'll dart away.

    Step 5

    To tame one use sneak and creep up near but not too close to it. Get the raw fish in your hand. Wait for them to slowly walk to you but don't stare at them. The when they turn their head up…

    Step 6

    …right click on them with fish until a small red collar appears around its neck. It has been trained! They will not get trained if trapped or walled around. They are useful for keeping creepers away…

    Step 7

    …as the creepers get scared and don't worry they will teleport if too far away.

    Step 8

    Occasionally they will sit on beds and chests. If sat on a chest the player can not open it. Which can be annoying but hey, no creepers! Like and leave a comment if you enjoyed.