How to Take Good Selfies

by Meghan F


  • A sense of humor
  • An open mind
  • A camera
  • A face
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start with a decent camera(: basically anything besides your iPod camera if you can 😝 I find they add a lot of discoloration. I use my point and shoot Olympus as seen above and my canon XSI(:

    Step 2

    Dress to impress!

    Step 3

    Practice smiling; if it looks like you're sick/dying/kissing your aunt, your doing it wrong.

    Step 4

    Don't just take photos in the mirror! Set a timer and pose(: or have someone else take the pictures of you!

    Step 5

    Take risks and try something different! And of course have fun with it! Usually the photos I take risks on turn out the best(:

    Step 6

    Be yourself. I'm a huge dork. And if this doesn't show who I really am, I don't know what will 😝

    Step 7

    Edit :D I suggest even a simple Black and white overlay can make a photo go from good to great!

    Step 8

    Goodluck :D pleAse like and comment and follow, I appreciate(: