How to Take Beautiful Nature Photos

by Charlie Loxley

Tips on how to take nature shots that will impress and get you more attention! 🌸


  • 1 iPhone (4 and up is best)
  • 1 Camera (optional)
  • Instagram (optional)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    So you want good shots? Here's how to get them... NOTE: All photos you see were taken by me :) Instagram : @loxleysmilez 😉

    Step 2

    For most photos, I tend to use my iPhone or my camera (Pentax Q - Standard Prime lens). Most of my pictures were done with an iPhone like the Butterfly and Waterfall shot you saw before

    Step 3

    1. LOCATION: You need to know where to find the most interesting shot. Maybe your local park? On holiday? This shot was taken on a beach I went to some time ago. Following this, you need a good ...

    Step 4

    2. ANGLES/POSITION. In this shot, I needed to get my phone as low as possible to catch the winter frost at its best. Experiment with your subject and soon you will find your perfect shot :)

    Step 5

    3. TIMING. Timing was everything in this shot when I visited a safari park last year. This monkey was a little frightened so I set up my camera to do rapid shots and waited patiently... 🙊

    Step 6

    PATIENCE. You need patience! I waited half an hour amongst my flowers to get this. Now, it's my favourite shot I've ever done. 🍁

    Step 7

    4. LIGHTING. 2 years ago, I was waking my dogs and saw the opportunity to take what is now one of my favourite pictures. Without full sunlight, I probably would have deleted this as soon as I could !

    Step 8

    5. EDITING. Some shots need editing. This one not so much, just a bit of definition in the bananas. Instagram has filters that can easily make your shots look slightly different.