How to Swype Type Keyboard on iPhone (No-Jailbreak)

by Ron Jaxon


Step 1

There use to be a good swype type keyboard for iPhone called shapewriter. But they were bought out and removed from the App Store. Since then there have been many very bad attempts.

Step 2

Every single one I've tried from the App Store are terrible. So when I finally found one that actually works. I had to come here and make a guide for it.

Step 3

The app is called Path Input. There's both a free and ad-free paid version. The reason I like this one so much is it actually works.

Step 4

All the others currently in the App Store actually slow down your typing speed because you have to spend so much time correcting the words. But path input is surprisingly accurate.

Step 5

As you can see its pretty much like the native notepad app that comes with iOS.

Step 6

Except the keyboard works like a swype keyboard.

Step 7

If it doesn't place the correct word. Scroll through the suggested words above the keyboard.

Step 8

Tap one of the suggested words and it'll turn into that word.

Step 9

To capitalize a letter or first letter of a word. Tape the up/down arrows key on the left of the keyboard.

Step 10

The last letter or first letter of the last word will be capitalized. Tap it a second time the entire word will be capitalized.

Step 11

Hold the letter P down to find the numbers.

Step 12

To find more punctuation and symbols hold the keys toward the bottom down (double click space bar to add a period like the normal iphone keyboard).

Step 13

With practice you'll be able to type amazingly fast. And this app is the best I've found at it so far. It's predictive text is much better than any other available in the App Store right now.

Step 14

When you're done tap the arrow at the top right corner to find this menu at the bottom. You can copy to clipboard and paste in other apps.

Step 15

Tap the mail icon to mail the text.

Step 16

Or the message icon to use it in a text message.

Step 17

Go into settings and you can add words to your dictionary in the "User Words" section.

Step 18

I added these words that I often have to use but aren't commonly known. So now I can "swipe" them on the keyboard.

Step 19

I know you probably wish we could use this as our native keyboard. I do too. But apple doesn't allow this. So this is the best alternative I've found without jailbreaking.

Step 20

Well there you have it. When I find something good I like to pass it along. I hope you find it useful.

Step 21