How to Survive the First Night in Minecraft: PE Edition.

by Holly Ariake

Simple steps to help you survive your first few days of Minecraft. (This guide is best read in landscape)


  • 1 Crafting Table
  • Coal
  • 1 Pick axe
  • Sticks
  • Wood
  • 3 Wool
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Welcome to Minecraft! The first night and the first steps. Good Luck!

    Step 2

    New beginnings! Welcome to your new world! No time to admire the view, collecting supplies is your first job!

    Step 3

    Ah, a tree! Your new best friend in Minecraft! Give it a few punches, and start collecting wood.

    Step 4

    Now we have some wood, it's time to start crafting! Click on "Craft" to begin.

    Step 5

    With wood, you can make planks which are very essential. Each wood block crafts 4 planks, so make as much as you can.

    Step 6

    Now, with your wooden planks, you can make a Crafting Table. The first piece of furniture, very nice!

    Step 7

    The Crafting Table lets you craft even more than before. Especially the next essential piece. A bed! Can't sleep on the cold grass now!

    Step 8

    To make a bed, you need 3 wood planks and 3 pieces of wool. So, time to find some sheep! About 8 donks on the head should do the job.

    Step 9

    The bed is very useful should you die as it will bring you back to where your bed is placed. Of course, we don't plan on dying much!

    Step 10

    Crafting Table, check. Bed, check. Next step, torches. It gets dark very quickly and that's when the monsters appear! With some spare wooden planks, make some sticks. These are very useful.

    Step 11

    To mine coal, you need a pick axe. To mine stone, you need a pick axe. In fact, to survive Minecraft, you NEED a pick axe! If you run out of wood, just be sure to collect some more as you travel.

    Step 12

    Monsters already! Try to avoid fighting to later, we have a shelter to build!

    Step 13

    Coal! Finally! Mine as much as you can with your new pick axe. Coal works not just for torches, so gather all you can.

    Step 14

    Not just coal, but mine some stone too. It's stronger than wood, and your new pick axe won't last long. Stone weapons and tools are much quicker and better for surviving.

    Step 15

    Everything is ready, time to build a shelter. I like big, open, flat ground personally. The choice is yours! Check out that lava!

    Step 16

    On your first night, you don't need to build a mansion! A small simple shack will do for now.

    Step 17

    Walls and roof complete just in time!

    Step 18

    Now, make the torches with your sticks and coal to ward off the ugly monsters!

    Step 19

    Perfect! Be sure to put torches inside and out. If you want, feel free to make some doors to make it easy to enter. They require 6 wooden planks each, so don't worry if you don't have enough left.

    Step 20

    It's getting dark!!! Just in time, we've finished our shelter. Phew!

    Step 21

    It's a bit cramped, but it will do. The torches will keep you safe, and after all the hard work, sleep is well deserved!

    Step 22

    Night night!

    Step 23

    You survived the night! Well done! (Look at that nasty Creeper in the distance!)

    Step 24

    One night down, plenty more to go! Check out my future guides for more Minecraft tips and tricks.