How to Style Your Infinity T Shirt Scarf - the Chain

by Wendy {}

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  • 1 Infinity T-Shirt Scarf by MonkeyTeeMonkeyDo
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    The Chain - Check out how to get this look with your MonkeyTeeMonkeyDo infinity t-shirt necklace scarf.

    Step 2

    If you have a multi coloured infinity scarf pick one colour for the necklace strands (about 6 or so -scarves may vary). In this example I chose the orange strands of my blue & orange t shirt scarf.

    Step 3

    Hold all of your strands together with one hand at each end. Keep one hand still while you twist the other end of the scarf twice.

    Step 4

    While still holding the two ends once twisted, bring them together then slide & pull your hands away from each other. You will see the two ends are now connected in a chain link like fashion.

    Step 5

    Demo of "The Chain" and how to get the complete look.

    Step 6

    Ta Da! Now rock that MonkeyTeeMonkeyDo t-shirt necklace scarf! Mix & match the colours or wear as a solid as we did here or add more strands for a fuller look, whatever rocks your socks! Have fun :)