How to Study Leaves

by Art Anthology

A lesson in a leaf study.


  • Limeaid Velvet
  • Shamrock Velvet
  • Emerald Gem Stones
  • Concord Colorations
  • Waimea Bay Coloration
  • Raider Coloration
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This is a leaf study, in which I study how to draw and paint leaves.

    Step 2

    I started by sketching them in my art journal with a pencil.

    Step 3

    Because I picked these leaves off a plant from outside, the life expectancy is limited, so I took a photo of it to reference once they have gone limp.

    Step 4

    I started painting them with Limeaid Velvet because that was lightest color I found in the leaves.

    Step 5

    I painted the entire drawing with Limeaid Velvet as the base.

    Step 6

    Once I had the base color painted in, I erased the pencil lines as best as I could.

    Step 7

    Next, I shaded with the next color of green, Shamrock Velvet.

    Step 8

    The third shade of green I use is Emerald Gemstones.

    Step 9

    I go back and forth with all three colors until I like it.

    Step 10

    Here it is. It's finished with all the greens.

    Step 11

    I painted a layer of Frost Clear Coats over the all the green areas and the outside of the frame on the page.

    Step 12

    The Clear Coats (as well as the Sorbets) act as a resist to water based colors.

    Step 13

    I sprayed Concord Colorations on the lower portion of the page and Waimea Bay on the upper portion of the page, having them blend where they meet.

    Step 14

    I dabbed up the Colorations from the leaves and the outside frame. Look how much the Clear Coated area resisted the Colorations so perfectly!

    Step 15

    I added sketch lines around the leaves and stems with a black ink pen. And, I added some shading with black charcoal and a black Stabilo pencil.

    Step 16

    I sprinkled the entire page with Raider Coloration to give it some texture. I finished it off with a quote and a white pen.

    Step 17

    Until next time...