How to Study and Make It Stick!

by Erin Bywater


  • Notecards
  • A rested brain
  • Soft music
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Make detailed notecards. Even add pictures if it will help you. If you are studying vocab, my example of notecards are at the bottom.

    Step 2

    As you study your notecards, review notes also.

    Step 3

    For vocab, I like to write out the words as many times as possible.

    Step 4

    Take breaks but not too long that you get off focus! Get a drink of water or walk around every half hour or when you start getting a little out it.

    Step 5

    I like to listen to soft piano music when I study . I turn it off when it starts getting my mind off track. Hope this helps! Now get to studying! You will get an A!!!