How to Store Your Guacamole So It Wont Turn Brown

by joyce Kwok


Step 1

You will need your homemade guacamole , cling film/plastic wrap and an airtight container.......and a fridge :)

Step 2

Your homemade have left overs.... or you made extras for tomorrow and the day after and the day after :p

Step 3

You don't want them to turn brown and look not pretty!👎

Step 4

Put the guac in an airtight container.....

Step 5

Here is the trick....put the cling film ON TOP of the guac.....❌not over...👍but on top!!

Step 6

You see how its directly on the don't want any air in there ok!!??!!

Step 7

Now put the lid on and keep in the fridge!!enjoy good looking guac for the next few days!!!😄