How to Start Building Core Strength

by Glenn Hole

This is a good place to start after a period of inactivity, coming back from injury, or easing into a new year resolution of fitness.


  • 1 Gym Ball
  • Water
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Always consult a physician before attempting this, or any of my other fitness guides. I am not responsible for the death, injury or discomfort of anyone using this guide. You use it at your own risk.

    Step 2

    This workout is simple. You do each move for one minute, resting no longer than 15 seconds between moves. Take a 2 minute rest and repeat at least three times.

    Step 3

    Adapt each move to your ability level. I'm not in my best shape either due to injury, so let's do this together!

    Step 4

    Warm up with some dynamic stretches. P&K_ has a guide on this I believe.

    Step 5

    Crouch down twisting over your bent knee to the outside of your body then stand and twist, reaching high above your opposite shoulder. Contract your stomach muscles at all times. 30 seconds per side

    Step 6

    I stole this from P& K_. She calls these plank dips. Imitation is a form of flattery. From a plank position, turn one hip to the ground, return to the plank, and repeat on the other side.

    Step 7

    Feet a little more than shoulder width apart. Place your hands on the ground, and step or jump back into a plank. Step back into the crouching position. Stand up and repeat.

    Step 8

    Get into a plank on your knees or on your feet, with your forearms on a gym ball. Roll the ball away from you, keeping a slight arch in the back. Don't let your back sag in the middle.

    Step 9

    Put your fingertips against your temples, and twist your body without bending over, bringing the opposite knee up to touch the opposite elbow Raise the knee rather than lowering the elbow. Core tight.

    Step 10

    Crescent Pose to Warrior 3. Keep everything contracted through this balance move. 30 seconds per side.

    Step 11

    FLYING BANANA. Start in the flying position (on the front) for 15 seconds, then roll to the banana position (back) for 15 seconds. Repeat twice.

    Step 12

    Repeat this after 2 minutes rest. You have three rounds. You can do this with more or less intensity as you see fit. Comment on my guide if you try it. Let me know what you think, and how you modified