How to Start a Coil Basket

by Jennifer Rickenback

I've tried starting a coil basket several ways but this way has proven to be the easiest to demonstrate when teaching 25+ 7th graders at a time.


  • 4 feet of fiber coil
  • Various colors of yarn
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut coil to 4 feet of coil. Add a piece of tape around one end to create an aglet. Add a piece of tape to the other end and create a flag to label your basket with your name and class.

    Step 2

    Using the scissors cut the aglet at an angle to make a point.

    Step 3

    Example of the point.

    Step 4

    Lay the yarn end on the coil with about 2-3 inches overlapping the coil.

    Step 5

    Begin wrapping the coil from where the cut aglet is till you run out of yarn to cover.

    Step 6

    Yarn covered and coil covered.

    Step 7

    Bend it in half like a horse shoe.

    Step 8

    Wrap the ends of the horse shoe together. Make sure to have more yarn remaining.

    Step 9

    Continue to wrap till the angled aglet is fully wrapped and wrap a few extra times beyond the aglet.

    Step 10

    Bend the horse shoe around till it resembles a snail shell.

    Step 11

    Time to put your needle on your yarn.

    Step 12

    While holding the beginning of your basket tightly place your needle through the center hole and pull it through.

    Step 13

    Make sure to pull tightly!

    Step 14

    Now wrap only the exposed white coil with the yarn 8 times. (Number of wraps may change based on thickness of yarn).

    Step 15

    After wrapping your coil 8 times bend it back to a snail shape.

    Step 16

    Stitch through the center again.

    Step 17

    Though we are stitching back to the center it helps for the future rows to think of it as stitching back on row.

    Step 18

    Pull tight and wrap 8 more times.

    Step 19

    If you still have yarn continue stitching back a row and adding 8 more wraps. To change colors or add more simply lay the end of the new piece next to the old one. Two tails next to each other.

    Step 20

    Then wrap over both tails or ends of yarn the desired amount (in my case 3 wraps).

    Step 21

    My 3 new wraps plus the 5 I already had make 8. So I stitch back one row and pull tight.

    Step 22

    I continue wrapping 8 and stitching once till I am ready to make sides.

    Step 23

    I also need to continue stitching back 1 row. Not back to the center. So when there is coil between my new row and the center I need to only stitch back 1 row.

    Step 24

    Keep going till you reach the desired bottom size.

    Step 25

    A finished example of a basket. While working you can added a pattern but you can also just choose to add a variety of colors and that continue a theme throughout your basket.