How to Spot Fake Nike Roshe Run's

by goVerify .it

A popular Nike, popular for the counterfeiters as well. goVerify is here to help you spot fakes and not get caught out.


Step 1

1. Retail box labels detail barcode, style name, size, color, country of manufacture and style number. Check the style number matches the shoe label and sales receipt.

Step 2

2. Most Nike Rosherun 's have embroidered lace eyelets, make sure the stitching is tight and neat.

Step 3

3. If you remove the sockliners and check underneath there should be a size indication debossed into the material, usually it is described as a range of 2 sizes.

Step 4

4. There is a Nike logo and Swoosh debossed into the rubber outsole, check that the edges of the letters are sharp. Fine texture in the sole provides superior surface grip.

Step 5

Go to for a full 17 point step-by-step guide.