How to Spot Fake Adidas NMD City Sock WM's

by goVerify .it

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Step 1

1. Box Construction. Adidas NMD WM City Sock's have a black retail box with glued over side panels, unlike standard blue Adidas Originals boxes which have interlocking side panels.

Step 2

2. Midsole Plug. Adidas NMD WM City Sock's have signature NMD plugs on the sides between the midsole and upper. Make sure the plugs are clearly separate molded pieces.

Step 3

3. Tongue Logo. WM City Socks will have an Adidas Originals by White Mountaineering and Trefoil logos embroidered into a tongue patch.

Step 4

4. Boost Sole. Have a close up look at the Boost material of the forefoot. Make sure you can see a few of the hexagonal clusters of tiny dots embossed into the white Boost material.

Step 5

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