How to Spooky Dollar Tree Wreath

by Amy Barrett

This wreath is so easy to make. There is no skill, glue, or anything required except a pair of scissors. This wreath cost me $10 to make. I cannot believe I made it with such little cost and no skill!


  • 1 metal wreath
  • 4 packages of Creepy cloth
  • 1 skeleton garland
  • 1 ackage each orange and purple Mesh Tube
  • 1 decorate orange bow
  • 1 crow
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Gather supplies. I started by opening the creepy cloth and opening it all the way. This gives you one long cloth. I cut this into strips about 4 inches wide. These strips I cut in half.

    Step 2

    I tied each strip to the metal frame, making sure to double knot it. Continue doing this all the way around. I left pieces hanging randomly you can trim them if you want. I think it looks more spooky.

    Step 3

    Take the mesh tubing and weave it in and out of the ties on the metal wreath. I left loops. Cut the skeletons loose and tuck 3 of them in. Tuck in the orange bow and add a bird. Hang and enjoy!