How to Slow Smoke Beef Brisket in a Alto Shaam Combi Oven

by Alto- Shaam

Beef brisket smoked and held overnight in an Alto-Shaam combi.


  • BBQ spice blend
  • Combi smoker oven
  • Beef briskets
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Ready to Smoke brisket

    Step 2

    Soak wood chips

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Season briskets and place on an icing rack with a sheet tray

    Step 5

    Seasoned and ready for the oven

    Step 6

    After loading in the oven probe one brisket

    Step 7

    BONUS!!! For help with programming check out this other Snapguide!

    Step 8

    Program to smoke- no heat- 1 hour. Cook at 225F (107C) with smoke for one hour. Next, slow roast at 225F (107C) up to 185F (85C) internal temperature. Then hold at 165F (74C) steam overnight.

    Step 9

    Start the smoking process. (This is the first of four steps.)

    Step 10

    This is how they look the next morning

    Step 11

    I held the brisket for over 10 hours after cooking and smoking.

    Step 12

    Ready for service

    Step 13

    Starting weight

    Step 14

    After smoking 62% yield

    Step 15