How to Simply Decorate a Cake

by Alison Miller

A very simply decorated one layer cake


  • 1 8 inch vanilla cake
  • 1 Disposable icing bag
  • 1 Tub of cream cheese frosting
  • 1 # 12 star tip
  • 1 Tub decorating icing
  • 1 Metal spatula
  • 1 Cardboard cake round ( to turn cake on)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Ice cake with cream cheese frosting using metal spatula till covered. ( use your vanilla Duncan Hines cake)

    Step 2

    With a icing bag and a # 12 star tip swirl around the perimeter of your cake. ( you can use colour gel to colour icing if you wish)

    Step 3

    Make swirly stars in various spots on top of cake. Then add some stripes on the sides. Voila, you have simple tasty decorated cake