How to Sign Up to Qcard

by Qcard App

After installing Qcard, signup to connect with your circle of care. Once connected, you can send & receive Qcards to your closest friends, family and caregivers.


Step 1

Welcome to Qcard. Along the left side you will see 4 tabs that slide out (Favourites, Filters, Lists and Mailboxes).

Step 2

slide open the 'Mailbox' tab

Step 3

tap the "Link Device" button

Step 4

Tap "Create an Account" link

Step 5

Enter your name, email address, choose a password (at least 6 characters long) and tap "Register" button. TIP: write down your email address and password as you will need it later.

Step 6

An verification link is sent to the email address you just provided.

Step 7

Open your email app and look for the email sent by "" in your inbox. If you DO NOT see it, check your spam box.

Step 8

Tap the link to verify your account.

Step 9

Your Account is now verified. Re-open the Qcard app.

Step 10

Slide open the 'Mailboxes' tab (if it's not already open), and tap "Link Device" button.

Step 11

Enter your email address and password you wrote down earlier. Tap "Login".

Step 12

You are now linked in and ready to send & receive Qcards with your closest friends, family and healthcare providers.

Step 13

To learn how to invite friends, family and caregivers to your Qcard, see our next tutorial "How to send a Friend Request on Qcard"