How to Shell Stubborn Pistachios

by Mia Holmgren

My family loves pistachios but sometimes a good bit of the bag goes to waste because no one can get them open. In addition to prying and nutcrackers, we found this to be a good nut-opening strategy.


  • 2 Bowls or Bags
  • Pistachios
  • Strength! -ish
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Pistachios have been used in everything from savory dishes and ice cream to moist, sweet and salty muffins. My mother makes me shell an entire bag of them for her Moroccan dishes.

    Step 2

    Sometimes my pistachios refuse to open no matter how hard I try. Then my Grandfather showed me this neat little trick to get them to bend to my will.

    Step 3

    You like pistachios? "Get crackin'!"

    Step 4

    Came across a stubborn nut? Use this nifty trick to get it open.

    Step 5

    By using half of another nut's she'll you get a nice amount of leverage to pop that baby open. Success isn't guaranteed, of course, sometimes nuts can just be too tough to crack.

    Step 6

    Of course, when we shell these for a recipe it's always one for the bowl and one for me.

    Step 7

    Our finished harvest of pistachios. We'll never go hungry again. Enjoy your nuts!

    Step 8

    And toss your shells when you're done. Wouldn't want one of those in your salad, now would ya'?