How to Setup iPad Restrictions

by Desiree Lozares

South Coast Baptist College.


Step 1

In the settings click General.

Step 2

Scroll the page and choose Restriction.

Step 3

Enable Restriction.

Step 4

You will be asked to set up a passcode. This passcode does not need to be the same on your phone. Don't forget your passcode because you may be get in trouble in the future.

Step 5

By default all apps is turn on, by swiping on that particular program that program you don't want to access by yourself or by younger sister/brother will not be visible at all.

Step 6

Location: GPS services used by Apps Accounts: Changing/Adding e-mail, Find my Friends: more on this next.

Step 7

Location can be changed for individual Apps. So the map could still work or use but the Facebook would not.

Step 8

Looking friends list means that if parents setup themselves to see where the phone is no matter what.

Step 9

Default settings for iTunes account.

Step 10

Movie/Tv: doesn't hide them in iTunes but prevents viewing in device.

Step 11

Apps: if an app has been installed higher than the rating is hidden. In-app purchases: if you have kids or younger brother or sister, turn off.

Step 12

Thanks for reading. ^____^V