How to Send a Friend Request on Qcard

by Qcard App

Before you can send Qcards to others, you must first become 'Friends' on Qcard.


Step 1

Open Qcard and slide out the 'Mailbox' tab

Step 2

Tap "Contacts" from the upper menu.

Step 3

Tap the "+" button to add a new contact

Step 4

Enter the email address of the person you would like to connect with.

Step 5

Tap this icon to send the Friend Request.

Step 6

Mary Jane's email address now appears in your "Contacts" with a RED dot, which indicates Mary has not accepted your 'Friend Request' yet.

Step 7

NOTE: if Mary Jane is a member of Qcard, she will receive a notification within Qcard to accept your Friend Request. Otherwise, an email is sent inviting her to join Qcard and connect with you.

Step 8

Once Mary Jane accepts your 'Friend Request', a GREEN dot appears next to her name. You and Mary are now connected and can start sending each other Qcards.

Step 9

To learn how to accept a Friend Request, view the next tutorial "How to accept a Friend Request on Qcard" -- or -- to learn how to send a Qcard, view the tutorial "How to send someone a Qcard"