How to Save Data & Battery Life on iPhone 5s 📱

by Lucy Hudnall

I enjoy my iPhone 5s! But I needed to make a few changes to reduce the costs. This is what I did.


Step 1

Stop sending data to Apple.

Step 2

Go to Settings

Step 3

Scroll down to General

Step 4

Check About

Step 5

Scroll down to Diagnostics and Usage.

Step 6

Factory settings is to send.

Step 7

Check Don't Send.

Step 8

Think I'm crazy? Click your Diagnostic & Usage Data.. See all that data that has already been sent? Yep, that's what I thought too.

Step 9

Do I really need ALL these apps running?

Step 10

Go to Settings

Step 11

Scroll down to General

Step 12

Check Background App Refresh

Step 13

As you can see you can turn this off.

Step 14

Or you can leave on and turn off the apps you don't need to keep current.

Step 15

Dark Sky is the only one I use daily for current locations.

Step 16

Which apps are using the most?

Step 17

Go to Settings

Step 18

Down to General

Step 19

Tap Usage

Step 20

Allow it to load.

Step 21

Now you can see how much is used by each app.

Step 22

Look through the apps. Like here..Craigslist app. I couldn't tell you the last time I used this and it's using 53.7 MB! Check that.

Step 23

Click Delete App

Step 24

Read..yep..Delete it all.

Step 25

Now move on to the next apps deciding on which ones to keep.

Step 26

Do they ALL need your location?

Step 27

Go to Settings

Step 28

Down to Privacy

Step 29

Check Location Services

Step 30

Now you can turn it off. But some apps give you weather updated as to where you are.

Step 31

So I just turn off the apps I don't need.

Step 32

Factory settings are Automatic Downloads.

Step 33

Go to Settings

Step 34

Scroll down to iTunes & App Store.

Step 35

Scroll down to Automatic Downloads. See all are automatic? Also cellular is on.

Step 36

Turn it all off. When you have an upgrade or download. It will ask you. Do so on wi-fi only.

Step 37

And finally turn off Cellular Data.

Step 38

Go to Settings

Step 39

Scroll down to Cellular.

Step 40

Turn Cellular Data off.

Step 41

Check how much Cellular Data you have used.

Step 42

Scroll down to Reset Statistics.

Step 43

Click it. Yes..

Step 44

This resets the amount. Now you can keep up with how much data you are using. May you keep your data and battery life! Enjoy!