How to Roast Thanksgiving Turkey in a Digital Alto-Shaam

by Alto- Shaam

Thanksgiving turkey in Cook & Hold


Step 1

First, turn your oven on.

Step 2

Set the cook temp to 250F (121C).

Step 3

Set the probe cutoff temperature to 140F (60C).

Step 4

Set the hold temp to 160f.

Step 5

If you like, you can store this program for future use by pressing and holding any preset button not in use.

Step 6

Load your turkey.

Step 7

Insert the probe into the thigh of the turkey.

Step 8

And press start.

Step 9

It is important to let the turkey rest in the oven for at least 4 hours on hold mode. You can even go overnight. Open the door and voila!

Step 10

Your thanksgiving turkey is done!

Step 11