How to Roast Cashew Nuts & Make a Drink From the Fruit

by Rafael UllorkMedia

My wife and I recently traveled to the beach called Costa Azul in El Salvador. Where we came across the Marañon Tree known also as the Cashew Tree. Enjoying the beach house, the nutty adventure begins


  • 1 A grill with a nice wood fire
  • An Aluminium pot
  • 1 A bag of sand
  • 1 Fire extinguisher for safety
  • 1 A small Mallet
  • Aluminium foil
  • 1 A long stir stick (branch off a tree)
  • And a hard surface to crack shells
  • Matches
  • 1 Blender
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Marañon Tree (Cashew Tree) is where Cashew Nut (Semilla de Marañon) come from. The Marañon fruit is call the Cashew Apple. To me they look more like a red pepper and are softer than an apple.

    Step 2

    Here I am picking the seeds off of the fallen fruit. A local boy offered to help me harvest the fruit. He was at the top of the tree in a sec. They fall easy when the tree shakes so watch out.. Splat

    Step 3

    You can find this fruit in tropical and warmer subtropical climates. When the fruit is bright in color they are ready to harvest. They tend to fall from the tree with just a shake.

    Step 4

    Remove the seeds using a twisting method. Some say they can irritate the skin but I didn't feel a thing.

    Step 5

    Add them to an Aluminum pot and start your fire. The Cashew inside will release from the shell with the heat. Stir cashews often with a long spoon or branch

    Step 6

    Tip: The Cashew Nut is full of iron already, so the aluminum Pot is best for this process. Holes can be drilled into your "Aluminum Cashew cooking Pot" so they catch fire faster.

    Step 7

    As you stir the shell releases this Biofuel that rages when lit. The flame is very strong so be careful. A deeper Pot would be safer than what I used.

    Step 8

    I had a hard time getting the seeds to ignite. The true process would be to let the seeds Sun Dry for 2-3 Days to reduce moister. But we only rented the beach house for two days. So it took longer.

    Step 9

    This turkey was living at the beach house and wouldn't stop bugging me. I guess the grill was near his home. But a sheet of shinny Aluminum paper waving after him did the job. Shoo Shoo get outa here

    Step 10

    They will start to smoke heavenly when they are ready to ignite!

    Step 11

    This flame will enrage so have your sand ready to put out the fire. The roasting time is around 10 min. Continue to stir the seeds while roasting.

    Step 12

    Look at the power there! I was a little nerves In the beginning I didn't expect that type of fire. I had the; "@%#¥!!!, What do I do now?" , look on my face!😕... But I was able to control the fire.

    Step 13

    My favorite picture. When they are nice and roasted. They are ready to remove from the fire. Put the fire out using the sand this will remove any moister and stop the cooking process.

    Step 14

    He's back!! Shoo Shoo get outa here!!!!

    Step 15

    I used the old ash from the grill to put out the fire. It's easy to burn them so timing is everything. Cook time was around the 10min mark.

    Step 16

    Once they are cool you can remove the nut with a mallet. There is a technic to cracking the shell with out breaking the nut inside "practice". I was able to get it down as I was finishing.

    Step 17

    They had a warm roasted fresh off the tree sweet taste that was just amazing. I couldn't get enough.

    Step 18

    Add salt if you desire. A mist of water over the warm Cashew Nuts will help the salt stick better.

    Step 19

    I roasted two batches. These Pepas Asadas (roasted Nuts) took time to roast but the process was fun and adventures. Now I know why they cost so much in Virginia, US

    Step 20

    Now time to make Marañon Juice to enjoy with the fresh Roasted Cashews. My mother in-law taught me this.

    Step 21

    Now that all the seeds were twisted off rinse and wash the Marañon fruit ( Cashew Apple ) well.

    Step 22

    Chops up the fruit into cubes. This fruit will stain any clothing so be careful not to get it on you.

    Step 23

    Put the fruit in a blender and add sugar and bottled water.

    Step 24

    Purée and liquefy really well

    Step 25

    Sire purée and push it through a fine strainer. Discard the fiber left in the strainer.

    Step 26

    Add ice to fresh Marañon juice and enjoy!

    Step 27

    My view that night after roasting Cashews and making a great tasting Marañon juice.

    Step 28

    Ullork Brothers Cooking Series. Season 1