How to Roast a Head of Cauliflower

by T F

Simple way to roast a head of cauliflower, but so tasty!


  • Head of cauliflower
  • Olive oil
  • Choice of spices
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut off leaves and stem of cauliflower, make sure not too much, you want to keep head in tact.

    Step 2

    Cut off any brown spots, then run under water for a quick rinse off.

    Step 3

    Pat dry with paper towels.

    Step 4

    Slowly, drizzle olive oil over top of head.

    Step 5

    Drizzle oil over entire head.

    Step 6

    Sprinkle your choice of spices over top. (I used Trader Joes 21 Seasoning)

    Step 7

    Optional; sprinkle a bit of Parmesan cheese over top.

    Step 8

    Put in pan, and cover with foil. Put in preheated 400 oven, roast for 45-60 minutes.

    Step 9

    Ready to serve!