How to Replace the Rear Breaks on an Acura TSX

by Terrence Lall

You will need a special brake piston tool for this car


  • Brake piston tool
  • Jack
  • Jackstand
  • Wrenches
  • Sockets
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Jack up the car, use a jack stand and remove the wheel

    Step 2

    On the top of the caliper, use a 12mm wrench to remove the top

    Step 3

    And bottom

    Step 4

    The caliper will slide off, then remove the old brake pads

    Step 5

    And replace them with the new ones

    Step 6

    This is the piston tool to turn the piston back in. Before you start, take the cover off on the brake fluid reservoir, then use your ratchet to tighten

    Step 7

    Insert the matching grooves to the appropriate pattern in the tool

    Step 8

    Turn clockwise, slowly

    Step 9

    Until its all the way back

    Step 10

    Then replace the top and bottom 12mm bolts and your wheel and you're done. Using air tools, this took me 15 min for both sides, start to finish.