How to Render a Horses Eye in Pencil

by sheona hamilton-grant

9 Steps showing the drawing of a horses eye.


  • 1 Strathmore Bristol Board
  • 4 Graphite Pencils, 2B,2H, HB &7B
  • 1 Soft charcoal pencil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Sketch faint outline. Create a "map" workout difficulties.

    Step 2

    Find and establish the darks, 7B used. Correct eye shape and work up a correct form leaving white for highlights and eyelashes.

    Step 3

    Keep working on the darks.

    Step 4

    Add tones and values, create detail . A 2B pencil is used from now on.

    Step 5

    Define the contour of head and eye socket. Use loose strokes to indicate the hair.

    Step 6

    Keep working on the contour and head shape. Use the darks as tonal reference. Create layers of 2B to create more intensity and define the shape.

    Step 7

    Detail added to and in eye using a 2H.

    Step 8

    Bringing the values together. No blending only layering with 2H

    Step 9

    Final tweaks added to eye and skin. For more impact dark background penciled in with 7B and blended with soft charcoal.