How to Remove Residual Candle Wax From Candle Jars

by J. Angel

If you like to recycle and reuse stuff, here's one more tip for you--reuse old candle jars!


Step 1

Once you're done with the candle jar, it'll have a little bit of candle left. Put the jar inside your freezer. Let it sit for at least an hour. I had forgotten about mine and left it in for days!

Step 2

The cold temperature will cause the wax to shrink and loosen from the sides of the jar. Get a dull knife and carefully stab the wax to break it apart.

Step 3

They come off easily! Trash or save the bits and pieces of candle wax for later use in a candle burner if you like.

Step 4

Peel off the label. If there is label on the bottom of jar, peel off that, too.

Step 5

Clean the remaining wax, glue, and soot.

Step 6

Use a kitchen paper towel so you don't have to worry about leaving sticky stuff on your dish sponge.

Step 7

Wax can be easily removed with vinegar, baby oil, olive oil, or orange solvent. I find that baby oil works great. It's also cheap.

Step 8

Rinse out with soapy water and dry with paper towel.

Step 9

Now you have a jar to reuse and put in anything your heart desires. :-))