How to Read the Lights on the Fitbit Flex

by Jennifer Pilcher

Here's a complete list of the different indicator lights on the Fitbit. There's 6 patterns: % charging, % progress, go to sleep, sleeping, wake up, low battery.


Step 1

When charging, you see 1 to 5 blinking lights. Each light means 20%. This is showing 2 lights at 40% charged.

Step 2

This is showing fully charged with 5 lights at 100% charged.

Step 3

Double tapping shows your progress for the day. This is showing 1 light at 20% towards the goal. Five lights would mean the goal is reached.

Step 4

After double tapping, If all 5 lights are steady, this means you've met your daily goal.

Step 5

Tapping multiple times will put it in sleep tracking. Then 2 lights will shine then fade away indicating sleep tracking is on.

Step 6

Double tapping while in sleep mode will show the 2 jumpy lights to confirm it's still sleep tracking.

Step 7

Tapping quickly multiple times while sleep tracking will take it out of sleep tracking. All lights will blink together and then scroll back and forth.

Step 8

Now that sleep tracking is off, double tapping will now show your progress for the day.

Step 9

When not in sleep mode, if you tap to check progress and all you see are the two blinking lights instead of the progress lights, this indicates a low battery.

Step 10

I hope you find this helpful. Nowhere on the web could I find a complete explanation of these lights.