How to Re-Use an Old Fold-Out Couch

by Adam Carritt

What to do with that tacky fold-out couch in your basement? For a utilitarian looking option you can follow this guide!


  • Hideous fold out couch
  • Box cutter
  • Tape measure
  • Screw driver
  • Wood to mount the unit on later
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    So we had these old couches. I didn't use this one in the end, but it's basically the same.

    Step 2

    I started by cutting away the offending covering with a box cutter to let me see what was going on inside.

    Step 3

    The radical pattern on the mattress would almost be back in style if it weren't so well used.

    Step 4

    Love the real wood inside this old furniture! I thought about staining it but the fabric was stapled and glued down, and I guess I'm just lazy.

    Step 5

    Then I removed the mattress to let me see how the folding frame was mounted to the wooden one.

    Step 6

    It's a good idea to measure the height of the folding frame from the floor. This will come in handy when you remount it so the legs touch the floor when it's in bed mode.

    Step 7

    It's kind of fun to learn things about your old furniture!

    Step 8

    Then I unscrewed the folding frame from the wood, as I had no ambitions of recovering.

    Step 9

    Removing it was a challenge, as it wanted to spring out on me. I recommend caution at this stage!

    Step 10

    The wood frame turned out to be broken anyways, so I just threw it away as firewood. I do not endorse the burning of synthetic fabrics though!

    Step 11

    I also found some childhood memories lost inside!

    Step 12

    I was going to spray paint the frame at this stage, but had no time/decent weather. Also I saved the cushions because sitting on the wire isn't pleasant.

    Step 13

    Eventually I mounted it straight to the floor of my cabin. Not exactly child safe, but it functions as a couch and bed for me! It's also easier to clean and keep the mice clear of.

    Step 14

    Well that's it so far. I'm planning on fabric painting the mattress after a thorough cleaning. I also will probably paint the frame too. I hope this was helpful in some way!